Triple Wheel Shortboard travel board cover

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Fits:  1-4 Boards
Weight: 6.2 to 6.7kgs.,  ( Dependent on size)
Width: 22.5", 
Depth: 180mm /7", 

XP Extra protection 


25mm Padded nose panels - Extra protection in high impact areas. Nose, Rails and Tail

Compression straps - Internal and External

Three layers of protection

top layer - Armour Weave Polyester -

2nd Layer - 10mm shock absorbing foam

3rd inside layer - Tarpee lining

Hanging hook - Patented removable hanging hook

Wheel System - Heavy duty inline nearing wheel system. Save your shoulders for the waves and let the wheels do the work.

Double thick gusset Padding - Extra tough 20mm shock absorbing foam. The thickest rail protection on the market.

Should strap - 20 mm padded detachable . stashes in to a packet

ID pocket

Heavy Duty Zippers